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Used the CFO Chocolate Fountain for a wedding reception which was the biggest hit (besides the bride) of the night. It is so easy to use. I highly recommend it.
I ordered the chocolate fountain to cater a dessert bar. It worked excellent, easy to use and clean up was a breeze.
Sydmd Catering Shop
This fountain came very well packed. The Fountain including the auger, are all stainless steel, and they assemble pretty easily just putting them over the motor base. Nice item at a reasonable price!

What is Chocolate Fountains ? The fountains is designed from water fountain made by stone before. A Water Fountain that you can see at some park or company. with a pump to pull out water from bottom. The chocolate fountain is same with this function. and have two system designed for chocolate flow. One use pump same water fountain, other use auger system to pull chocolate on the top and make chocolate waterfall. The machine is funny for party,events or wedding etc…  People like to dipping chocolate with most food,such fruit,cake for funny time. It is very popular from 2005 in UK & USA. Until now, most family have a small fountain in home and see this fountain in some parties.

The Chocolate Fountains are catering equipment.   Most peoples like a chocolate fountain in their wedding or party. More and more popular, then many companies start rent machine business as catering equipment. But very few manufacturer to produce commercial fountain,some famous brand such as sephra,CFO,DR etc… You may hear about this. You will get manufacturer warranty from them.

How to Choice a Chocolate Fountain ? We need to know the products main classify: Commercial and Home.  Commercial mean for business,high quality,higher prices,long time working,stainless steel material,lower noise,easy operation.  Home use mean that for small party,such as birthday party,child party etc.. normally plastic, Cheap.  According to difference classify, then you need to learn more for commercial fountains, such as size,height,capacity,system,etc for selection according to your requirement.  Here you can visit our products showroom to find all size to compare and purchase online.

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